Client Testimonials

Kiefer Wilson (@_Blurryvisions_)

" Prosperous Relations is exactly what any photographer or video grapher needs. From booking, to promotion, they do it all. Any upcoming business or entrepreneur needs to prosper with us and allow their business to grow. "

Taler Brooke (@infraredbeautybar)

" In a short term, Prosperous Relations and Infrared Beauty Bar have built a standing relationship. Quincy is a problem solver and quick on his feet! If he doesn’t know the answer— he’ll find it. So far  Infrared Beauty Bar has generated $1000 at tabling events thanks to Quincy. "

Tache Green (@checompany_co)

" Prosperous Relations is simply the best thing that ever happened to my clothing line. I believe the name suits them perfectly because while working with them you gain a lot social media attention & it’s a guarantee that your dreams will prosper soon as you join with them. I would recommend to all young entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level by having them handle all your PR and branding necessities. They are simply amazing, professional but affordable and l’m glad to be working with Prosperous Relations! "

Shareeta Green (@ReetGreen)

" Prosperous Relations is nothing short of amazing. It’s name suits them perfectly because your professional relationships are bound to prosper the moment you join forces. I would recommend all who are looking for ways to take their business to the next level to LEVEL UP by having PR handle your branding needs. Not only are they affordable but they are professional and I’m all smiles! Thanks Prosperous Relations! "

Ishanae Walker (@Bodiedwithnae / @slaywithnae)

"Prosperous relations has been nothing but great to me and my brands! PR has gained me acknowledgement and more clientele, on and off campus. It as been a great way for me to network and get my name out there."

Venae Owens (@_veymulan)

" For a decent price, I received daily promotion. Prosperous Relations is truly defined by it's name. This is an investment all business owners should take part in."

Jody Ann Campbell ( @Jody_unbecoming)

"Working with prosperous relations has broadened my networking opportunities and drastically increased sales for my book. I was also thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and resourcefulness of the staff. Quincy Barnes, founder and CEO of prosperous relations, aided me in cultivating and establishing an HBCU Book Scholarship, which I plan on continuing as an annual endeavor. This team is filled with dedicated individuals encapsulated with a contagious charisma and unyielding strength of character, that aspire, yearn, and require nothing else but to see you and your brand flourish. "

Dreyan Bundley ( @biasinfavorofus)

" Prosperous Relations has had a very positive effect on my clothing brand. One word that best describes this company is consistency. Consistent with advertising, scheduling events and new exposure. "

Van Minter ( @trap_customs)

" In my opinion , P.R. is a perfect investment for all businesses. They provide great marketing services for each and every of their clients. Also , your business WILL GET GREAT EXPOSURE through multiple social media platforms. Overall they get a 10 out of 10 on professionalism and marketing!!! "

Saundra Denise ( @naturallyrenewed )

" Working with Prosperous Relations has been AMAZING! Quincy is very persistent with every detail from planning events, making sure everything goes as planned, promotions that have succeeded with reaching my target audience and assuring that all of his clients are doing well in their field of business. Taking this chance with them has been a decision that I DO NOT REGRET! #prosperwithus "